To assure customers that the parts we provide will perform as promised, both functional and dimensional analyses are critical to our design process. Our focus is on part functionality, identification of potential areas of failure, failure impact on operations and failure mitigation. Then using contemporary technological methods for dimensional and tolerance analysis, we design to assure the proper form, fit and function. Capabilities include:

  • 3D computer aided design and drafting
  • Finite element analysis to analyze part stress levels
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Statistical analysis.


Allied with a core group of world-class precision manufacturing providers, the manufacturing side of our business begins with complete machining and turning capabilities including CNC multi-axis (3, 4 and 5 axis). Capabilities include:


  • Grinding and forming to achieve tolerances in the .0001 inch range for greater part to part uniformity. 
  • Super finishing for surface finish of less than 4 micro-inches (RMS) to reduce friction and wear.
  • Heat treating to achieve proper hardness levels, including nitriding parts after heat treating to produce a hard, wear-resistant case.
  • Coating and plating, including anodizing aluminum, hard-chrome and nickel plating of steel.

Quality Control

The driving force behind our approach to quality control is simple -To assure that our customers receive the highest quality parts every time they order and on time. Our quality philosophy is tailored toward compliance with ISO 9001 / AS9100 standards.

  •   Part Conformity - To verify that the final part conforms to the blueprint, we use a range of inspection equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, digital      micrometers, optical comparators, hardness and surface testers and electronic height stands. 
  • Traceability -   All of our parts are supported by certifications for raw materials, manufacturing lots, machining and any special processing. 

Quality Guarantee

Every part we sell is tested, inspected and is completely traceable back to the manufacturer with manufacturer's certifications and test data on file for inspection. 

Specifications and Requirements

BarEl, provides all customers with products that, without exclusion, comply with or exceed all specified and referenced quality provisions and requirements. We maintain 100% lot traceability for all our products and on all shipments made to our customers indefinitely.


High-Quality, Low-Cost, On-Time Delivery, you can rely on BarEl.